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I thought I would share a post about what I listened to whilst writing my February blog posts, I have also included what I ate and drank so it’s more of a February survival kit so to speak. Well what I chose to survive February on…


~ My February playlist ~


~ What I ate and drank whilst blogging ~

Judging from my food list I had a pretty unhealthy February, but with three birthdays within a week it is hard to eat nothing but birthday cake. For lent I gave up Coca Cola along with all other fizzy drinks so hopefully March will be a bit healthier for me. The playlist doesn’t contain every song that I listened to either, just a handful of songs, I spent a lot of time listening to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac on repeat on vinyl.



~ 21 themed cupcakes baked by my mum ~

A couple of Sundays ago (the 17th of February) I turned 21. At 21 you are a proper adult, there is nothing left that you can’t do, yet I still don’t feel like an adult. Your 21st is also the last big birthday for a while, despite this I didn’t really do much on the day. I had already been out for plenty of meals with my family on Friday and Saturday, in fact all I did in the day was travel back to my student house which took ages as it was a Sunday, hence lots of rail works.

I arrived home to a surprise fiesta which my housemates had prepared for me, complete with plenty of Mexican food, Sol beer decked out in ponchos and sombreros seen here and tequila slammers. After dinner we all went out for cocktails and dancing at a club in town, which had a woman performing on a hoop suspended from a ceiling and supposedly fire eaters, though I didn’t manage to find them! I had a lovely time with everyone and it was a great start to a manic week that followed.

Below are photographs of some of the gifts that I received for my 21st birthday, they are amazing and I feel very lucky and spoilt.


~ Beautiful handmade champagne saucers from my boyfriend ~


~ A leather Pandora bracelet with Buddha charm from my housemates ~

Image~ A cream and gold “C” initial necklace from my sister ~




This past week has been pretty busy for me, last Wednesday I travelled back to my home town. There was Valentine’s Day which is also my boyfriend’s birthday and then it was my 21st birthday on the Sunday. Since I wasn’t going to be at home with my family on my birthday there were several family meals for me to attend before travelling back. Since I haven’t posted in a while I thought I would share some photos I took during the last week.


The photographs in order show;

  1. Getting my morning caffeine fix at a retro café
  2. My travel entertainment for the journey home
  3. Nora my boyfriend’s dog welcoming me home
  4. My outfit for our Valentine’s day dinner
  5. Taking Nora on a walk in the country
  6. Snowbells starting to appear in the woodland
  7. The birthday Fiesta my housemates had planned for my return
  8. I will try and ensure that I take less time between posts next time, I’m planning on doing one on my birthday which will be up soon!


This Sunday we celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday by piling into cars and heading across the New Forest. We started the day off with tea and crumpets at his home, before wrapping up in jumpers, wax jackets and wellies and heading off for a walk in the New Forest. Despite the weather being miserable, we had a great time walking through the New Forest and wading through giant puddles, getting thoroughly soaked and building up an appetite for afternoon tea. With plenty of sandwiches, tea and a variety of cakes (scones with jam, lemon drizzle cake and millionaire’s shortbread to name a few) it wasn’t long before we were all stuffed and cosy in the warm. We ended our day out in the country with a quick chorus of Happy Birthday, the candles were blown out and we all clambered back into the car to head home, shattered from a lovely day spent in the country filled with Great British fun.