It is my 21st birthday soon and relatives have begun asking for ideas of what to get me. I am mainly asking for jewellery for my birthday as I want something that I can keep forever and will always hold sentimental value for me, but it got me thinking about what else is on my ‘Wish List’. These are the items that I am currently slowly saving up for:

  • An Apple iPad – since my laptop is very old and heavy it will be handy to have something far more portable
  • A Kate Spade iPad case – my iPad will need looking after and Kate Spade offers a variety of cool designs
  • Panasonic Lumix GF5 – a compact SLR which will be brilliant for taking pictures for my blog posts
  • A Michael Kors watch – since I will soon have to be thinking about getting a full time job a nice grown up watch will be a nice investment
  • Ray-Bans, either Wayfarers or Round frame – I can’t decide between the two frames, might have to just save up for both!
  • A pair of Chelsea BootsI love Chelsea boots but have worn out my last two pairs so think it’s time to invest in a well made pair

I will no doubt keep you updated if/when I manage to buy any of the items from my ‘Wish List‘, I’m sure I’ll be too excited not to take an insane amount of photos/instagrams.