This Sunday we celebrated my friend’s 21st birthday by piling into cars and heading across the New Forest. We started the day off with tea and crumpets at his home, before wrapping up in jumpers, wax jackets and wellies and heading off for a walk in the New Forest. Despite the weather being miserable, we had a great time walking through the New Forest and wading through giant puddles, getting thoroughly soaked and building up an appetite for afternoon tea. With plenty of sandwiches, tea and a variety of cakes (scones with jam, lemon drizzle cake and millionaire’s shortbread to name a few) it wasn’t long before we were all stuffed and cosy in the warm. We ended our day out in the country with a quick chorus of Happy Birthday, the candles were blown out and we all clambered back into the car to head home, shattered from a lovely day spent in the country filled with Great British fun.