This past week has been pretty busy for me, last Wednesday I travelled back to my home town. There was Valentine’s Day which is also my boyfriend’s birthday and then it was my 21st birthday on the Sunday. Since I wasn’t going to be at home with my family on my birthday there were several family meals for me to attend before travelling back. Since I haven’t posted in a while I thought I would share some photos I took during the last week.


The photographs in order show;

  1. Getting my morning caffeine fix at a retro café
  2. My travel entertainment for the journey home
  3. Nora my boyfriend’s dog welcoming me home
  4. My outfit for our Valentine’s day dinner
  5. Taking Nora on a walk in the country
  6. Snowbells starting to appear in the woodland
  7. The birthday Fiesta my housemates had planned for my return
  8. I will try and ensure that I take less time between posts next time, I’m planning on doing one on my birthday which will be up soon!