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I have the post-traveler blues; this time last year I was visiting Fi at home in Dubai, this year I’m huddled up in my room swamped in layers trying to fight away the British frost. All I can think of is how much I want the sun, and not just a quick glimpse whilst being blown at by freezing wind, but long term sunshine. But since I’m not back in Dubai, I will have to pretend by looking back at all the pictures I took whilst out there. Our visit was a healthy mix of relaxing in the sun, experiencing the local culture and visiting tourist attractions. Here are some of the photos I took, each day was packed and so I made a photo collage for each one. We were there for 9 days and I haven’t uploaded each photo collage, but here are the majority of them.







Day dreaming about Dubai is a nice way to forget all about this cold weather we are having in the UK, but when I leave my day dream I am back in the gloom and sadly not running through the sand dunes in the desert. Maybe next Easter…




~ Our very relaxed St Patrick’s Day celebrations ~

This week has been a pretty tiring one, I’m back at home but working for the bedding season at a local garden centre’s nursery so there’s not been much time for rest! I worked 9-4 Tuesday till Friday and had to do dissertation work when I arrived home, as well as trying to keep tidy. I didn’t get much chance to write posts last week I only managed one, and not sure I’ll manage many more this week but we will see. Anyway here are some highlights from my week.


~ Enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits, in a dainty Cath Kidston mug ~


~ Nora trying to distract me from my dissertation and very often succeeding ~


~ One of the perks of being home is to be back in my room with its amazing wall paper ~


~ Me and my sister treated ourselves to milkshakes with fizzy strawberry lances to dip ~


~ A Primrose plant I rescued from being chucked away at work ~


~ Giving Nora a bath after all the snow and mud that’s been around ~

Not literally getting naked, but I will certainly feel it for the next few weeks. Since I am going to be working at a local garden centre’s nursery (where they pot the plants for the upcoming season) I have decided to give my face a break and not wear any make up. Not exactly a crazy idea, but since I wear make up almost everyday it’ll be a change for me. I’m hoping this break from make up will help my skin clear up, it hasn’t been looking it’s best recently, which I think can be partly put down due to stress.

As well as giving make up a miss while at work, I have decided to bare all with my nails too. After reading Annie’s, from post on taking a stand against crazy nail art (link here) I decided it was time to take a break too. Not in a rebellious way, as I love painting the odd glitter half moon on my nails and changing things up with a matte top coat here and there, but in a “my nail polish is going to get chipped and horrible in no time when I get started with my green fingers at work, so why bother?” kind of way. I’m hoping this will give my nails a chance to “toughen up”, which is coincidentally the name of a base coat I am thinking of investing in, just need to get the chance to pop into Boots.

So for the next few weeks these products will be part of my survival kit:

GettingNakedpic1. Save the Nail “Toughen Up” Base Coat ~ available at Boots

2. Cocoa Body Butter ~ available at The Bodyshop

3. St Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub ~ available at Boots

4. L’Oreal Triple Active Day Moisturuser ~ available at Superdrug

5. Lee Stafford Argan Oil ~ available at Boots

6. Carmex Original Lip Balm ~ available at Boots

I’m sure these products are also available at most supermarkets and there are many different variations on them but these are the ones I am using at the moment.


~ Midnight snack and playing around with the Over app ~

This week was the last week of term, so I spent most of it preparing to return home for a month. Wednesday afternoon was spent in town with Fi, day dreaming in John Lewis and lusting over anything with an expensive price tag. From Mulberry bags to Le Creuset cookware we wanted it all! On Friday night my mum drove down to take me home, she came down to meet me after I finished work and then we had a steak dinner before driving back home. Since arriving home I have popped into London to get quotes for my ring (the inspirations for it can be seen here) and spent a lazy Sunday reading my book. Next week I am working full time but am hoping to still write a couple of posts and find seven interesting pictures for next Sunday’s post.


~ A much needed coffee break, during our John Lewis day dreaming ~


~ My attempt at packing lightly to go home for Easter ~


~ A new bright necklace to brighten up my go-to work outfit ~


~ A birthday card from my friend Ellen, sent all the way from Japan! ~

photo (1)

~ Glad to be home and to have amazing dinners of cod wrapped in pancetta, roasted veg and Dauphinoise potatoes ~


~ I had a craving for a minty milkshake for most of the week ~