On Saturday night Ellie, Fi and I decided to have a girly dinner of baked Camembert starter and homemade Gnocchi. For the baked Camembert we followed a recipe from The Londoner, but instead of Apricot jam, we substituted in Chilli Jelly, which gave it a nice hint of spice. The Londoner didn’t lie; it was really easy to prepare and we demolished the entire thing very quickly with the aid of carrots and celery. I did take photos of the Camembert, however they didn’t really do it justice, The Londoner has lots of lovely photos to give an idea of how it looked.

For the homemade Gnocchi we followed a Delia Smith recipe from Fi’s Bible of a Cookbook, though the recipe we followed is also online here. Instead of having ours with sage butter, we just tossed through some pesto and piled the fresh gnocchi on top of spinach, before topping it all off with handfuls of Parmesan. The gnocchi was amazing and once it was prepared cooked so quickly, we doubled the recipe as we weren’t sure how they would turn out, but they were perfect. So now we have another meal’s worth of gnocchi which I am very much looking forward to, especially as this time all the prep will have already been done.