Not literally getting naked, but I will certainly feel it for the next few weeks. Since I am going to be working at a local garden centre’s nursery (where they pot the plants for the upcoming season) I have decided to give my face a break and not wear any make up. Not exactly a crazy idea, but since I wear make up almost everyday it’ll be a change for me. I’m hoping this break from make up will help my skin clear up, it hasn’t been looking it’s best recently, which I think can be partly put down due to stress.

As well as giving make up a miss while at work, I have decided to bare all with my nails too. After reading Annie’s, from post on taking a stand against crazy nail art (link here) I decided it was time to take a break too. Not in a rebellious way, as I love painting the odd glitter half moon on my nails and changing things up with a matte top coat here and there, but in a “my nail polish is going to get chipped and horrible in no time when I get started with my green fingers at work, so why bother?” kind of way. I’m hoping this will give my nails a chance to “toughen up”, which is coincidentally the name of a base coat I am thinking of investing in, just need to get the chance to pop into Boots.

So for the next few weeks these products will be part of my survival kit:

GettingNakedpic1. Save the Nail “Toughen Up” Base Coat ~ available at Boots

2. Cocoa Body Butter ~ available at The Bodyshop

3. St Ive’s Apricot Facial Scrub ~ available at Boots

4. L’Oreal Triple Active Day Moisturuser ~ available at Superdrug

5. Lee Stafford Argan Oil ~ available at Boots

6. Carmex Original Lip Balm ~ available at Boots

I’m sure these products are also available at most supermarkets and there are many different variations on them but these are the ones I am using at the moment.