~ Our very relaxed St Patrick’s Day celebrations ~

This week has been a pretty tiring one, I’m back at home but working for the bedding season at a local garden centre’s nursery so there’s not been much time for rest! I worked 9-4 Tuesday till Friday and had to do dissertation work when I arrived home, as well as trying to keep tidy. I didn’t get much chance to write posts last week I only managed one, and not sure I’ll manage many more this week but we will see. Anyway here are some highlights from my week.


~ Enjoying a cup of tea and biscuits, in a dainty Cath Kidston mug ~


~ Nora trying to distract me from my dissertation and very often succeeding ~


~ One of the perks of being home is to be back in my room with its amazing wall paper ~


~ Me and my sister treated ourselves to milkshakes with fizzy strawberry lances to dip ~


~ A Primrose plant I rescued from being chucked away at work ~


~ Giving Nora a bath after all the snow and mud that’s been around ~