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20130425-175743.jpgIt’s finally done. Printed, bound and submitted, my dissertation is finished. Well apart from the small detail of a VIVA (a poster presentation and then questioning by my supervisor) but since that isn’t until May I can relax for 5 minutes. Which is just what we did. Yesterday three of my housemates and I went off to the Isle of Wight on a trip to the spa for swimming, jacuzzi and sauna. After relaxing so much we pruned, we went out for lunch then back to Amy’s for afternoon tea, Eggheads and Chinese for dinner before catching the ferry back home. It was a lovely day and a well deserved rest after a manic two weeks of working non-stop. Now I’m back at my mums for a couple of days, working a little bit at the nursery again and then off to see a ring that’s been made up for me on Saturday. I will hopefully be able to get some pictures to give a sneak peak of how it will look when it’s finished.


I realise that I have been neglecting my blog some what of late. With my dissertation taking up most of my time I haven’t had anything worth blogging about. However with my deadline fast approaching, Tuesday 23rd April, I hopefully won’t be abandoning my blog much longer. This is the final weekend for changes, the final push, the end is in sight and I am hoping to have it printed and ready for binding first thing Monday morning. I can’t wait to get it submitted and get my time back. Have a good weekend as you can see I am ready to settle in for the weekend till its done. Fingers crossed I will be able to post a picture of my dissertation finished and bound on Monday night!

ImageThis week I received a text from my Dad letting me know that a parcel had been delivered to his house. I was intrigued, I wasn’t expecting anything, I normally get things I’ve ordered delivered to my mum’s house or my uni address. So tonight I dropped round to pick up the mysterious parcel. I unwrapped it curiously and to my surprise found a Tiffany box inside. The card inside explained that this was a late 21st birthday present from my Aunt, and inside the box was a beautiful silver bean necklace. It is simple and elegant, I can’t wait to wear it. I am going out on a final date night with my boyfriend tomorrow before I head back to Southampton, so I will be sure to plan my outfit around my new necklace.

I haven’t posted in a while now, with working during the week days and dissertations during the evenings I haven’t had any time to do anything blog worthy. My dissertation is going terribly, the code I am working on keeps breaking and with only two weeks left till the deadline I am having to wave my white flag and just write about what I did manage to get. And so what am I doing instead of writing my dissertation? Online window shopping. I am still working towards buying all the items off my main Wish List, so far I have bought my iPad which I love, but that’s all at the moment, but here are some of the items that I hope to purchase during April, maybe the Ray-Bans can be a congratulations you’ve finished your dissertation gift to myself.


  1. Stay Classy Sweatshirt by Illustrated People, it has a lobster on it, I think it speaks for itself how awesome that is
  2. Juicy Couture iPad case whose floral pattern I love
  3. My current pair of high-waisted shorts are too big, so I want to get my hands on some new Levis cut-offs
  4. I really want a nice chunky gold bracelet and this, “Learn the Ropes bracelet from Kate Spade is perfect
  5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a classic and hopefully I’ll need them soon if the sun sticks around
  6. I want to try out some different nail art ideas, so brushes are a must
  7. Kate Spade recently launched a new line and I love their weekender bags, they have the option to customize your own colour combinations and I have spent far too much time playing around with ideas

I have a confession, I have already ordered the sweatshirt. I couldn’t wait to have a lobster sweatshirt in my life, I have received an email saying it has been dispatched so may be featuring somewhere on a blog post soon.