I haven’t posted in a while now, with working during the week days and dissertations during the evenings I haven’t had any time to do anything blog worthy. My dissertation is going terribly, the code I am working on keeps breaking and with only two weeks left till the deadline I am having to wave my white flag and just write about what I did manage to get. And so what am I doing instead of writing my dissertation? Online window shopping. I am still working towards buying all the items off my main Wish List, so far I have bought my iPad which I love, but that’s all at the moment, but here are some of the items that I hope to purchase during April, maybe the Ray-Bans can be a congratulations you’ve finished your dissertation gift to myself.


  1. Stay Classy Sweatshirt by Illustrated People, it has a lobster on it, I think it speaks for itself how awesome that is
  2. Juicy Couture iPad case whose floral pattern I love
  3. My current pair of high-waisted shorts are too big, so I want to get my hands on some new Levis cut-offs
  4. I really want a nice chunky gold bracelet and this, “Learn the Ropes bracelet from Kate Spade is perfect
  5. Ray-Ban Wayfarers are a classic and hopefully I’ll need them soon if the sun sticks around
  6. I want to try out some different nail art ideas, so brushes are a must
  7. Kate Spade recently launched a new line Saturday.com and I love their weekender bags, they have the option to customize your own colour combinations and I have spent far too much time playing around with ideas

I have a confession, I have already ordered the sweatshirt. I couldn’t wait to have a lobster sweatshirt in my life, I have received an email saying it has been dispatched so may be featuring somewhere on a blog post soon.