Last week was my friend Fi’s 21st birthday. We celebrated with a girly day, just Fi, Ellie and I, starting with a trip to the beauty salon to have our nails done. I have never had my nails done professionally before and recently my nails have been pretty naff. I had been trying to strengthen them up ahead of the trip, using Toughen Up base coat (seen here) in order to make sure I had good nails to be painted. None of us opted for extensions, instead we all went for bio-gels which can last up to two weeks. I chose a bright coral colour, Fi a raspberry pink and Ellie an amazing shimmering tourquoisy green, like a mermaid’s tail. Fi’s and Ellie’s nail colours were achieved by having coats of different colours on top of each other. It was magical.


After getting our nails done we headed round the corner to Vodka Revs for cocktails, lunch and gift giving. Continuing Fi’s pink birthday theme we had a teapot full of pink cocktail, served with matching ceramic mugs. I loved the idea and we have decided that we may have to invest in a set for our house next year. Whilst we waited for our food we gave Fi her birthday present from the two of us; fluorescent pink Kate Spade studs. Lunch arrived and it was amazing… Steak, peppercorn sauce, cheese and chips all in one dish… with a side salad to ease my guilt. I loved every mouthful and am eager to go back and try their vegetarian version with garlic mushrooms. After lunch and giving Fi her gift, we left stuffed to wander through town and do some shopping before heading home in the afternoon. It was a lovely day and we have now decided that getting our nails done will become at least a termly occurance next year.



Fi's present