I’ve already lost track of the days. I’ve only be revising for what I think has been a week and already all sense of time is gone. The thing is doing the same thing every day makes it tricky to tell the days apart. But before I entered this strange world where the days are a continuous blur, I did have a life outside of the library walls. Last weekend my boyfriend came down to visit me at uni, we had a lovely weekend, which was nice as I won’t be able to see him now till my exams are over. While he was down we headed into town for some shopping and then stopped in at our favourite Carribbean restaurant for a quick lunch.

Ok so we really went in there for the 2-4-1 cocktails offer, can you blame us? Look at how good they are! We did sensibly have some food whilst we were there. We shared; chilli calamari, pepper rotis, sweet potato fries and some Carribbean ‘slaw (or coleslaw as it is more commonly called). It was amazing. If you have a Turtle Bay near you I suggest you try it out, as their food is incredible. It is a little spicy (I am not the best with hot food so I find it a little hotter than others, like my boyfriend, who added the hot sauce to his dish whilst I was putting on brave face trying not to order a glass of milk), but packed full of flavour and I have never left hungry. In fact I never normally manage a dessert. This was the first time that I managed to leave some room, for banana fritters, with vanilla ice cream and a caramel rum sauce. I didn’t even manage to snap a photo before tucking straight in!