Summer is nearly here but there is still end of year exams to get through first. I am two exams down with one left to go, so I will probably be a little distracted as I try and ensure that I firmly understand everything that has been covered in my last module over the next week. But anyway before I disappear off, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what I have been keeping by my side constantly over the last two weeks and what will stay with me for the next week as I turned the library into my home.

So in my little kit I have my pencil tin, full of pens, pencils, my special italic pen for headings when I’m making my notes, a calculator which I am not letting out of my sight as it would be devastating if I lost it, lip balm, tissues as everyone appears to be getting colds currently! Headphones, sunglasses just in case the sun is out during my walk to and from the library, my tin of hair bands and hair grips, a tiny deodorant that Fi bought me, to put me at ease, I don’t want to be one of the people who smell in the library! A bottle of Rescue Remedy, to add a few drops of to my water to put me at ease and lastly in the photo is my phone, in its Kate Spade case which hasn’t yet had a photo opportunity! Also when I go to the library I take with me my iPad, but couldn’t be photographed as I needed it to photograph all of these bits and the case is not as pretty as my phone’s one. But there we have it, my survival kit, along with a can of Red Bull here and there and plenty of snacks that is pretty much my life for now.

I’m hoping that after I’ve finished next Thursday I will have something more exciting to blog about than just what I am taking to the library with me, but we will have to wait and see.