On Saturday we awoke to find the sun shining and the temperature rising (past 15 degrees is worth getting excited about in this country!). We quickly got dressed, packed sandwiches, towels and snacks and climbed into the car and headed off to the beach. We spent the afternoon sunbathing, eating ice cream and reading, generally enjoying having nothing to worry about, even if just for the day. We stayed until the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the wind picked up, just in time as the girls had caught the sun a little too much! I’m hoping that the good weather will stay, so that trips to the beach can become a regular event.

To the beach I wore a simple shirt dress, from Topshop and my favourite new patterned blazer for the summer, from River Island, with hair scraped up into a messy bun and no makeup (hence why I’m hiding behind my phone, taking the picture).