I have a confession, for the last month I have barely cooked. During the exam period I could just about justify only eating a meal if the majority of it could be cooked in the microwave in under five minutes. But my exams have been finished for a while now, so I need to get back to cooking proper meals for myself and trying to get more than only one of my five-a-day. Despite only cooking myself baked potatoes and soup, I haven’t been that badly fed, as you can see from these pictures, which I had to share. The menu at work is being redone and since I have been there a lot of the time, I have been lucky enough to play guinea pig to some of the new choices. My personal favourite is the macaroni cheese burger, which combines two of my favourite meals into one amazing meal! They are introducing a new range of hot dogs and after taste testing the different sausages I then tried one that would be featuring on the menu.

The other week I went for a breakfast date with Ellie and Fi. It was our last chance to do something the three of us while we were all in Southampton before the summer. Ellie has now left for Camp America and Fi is headed to Scotland for an internship soon. We went to the local ice cream parlour for waffles with ice cream. They were amazing, although it was a little too sweet for first thing in the morning. Next weekend Fi is back for another breakfast date, though this time we are going to try out a new place that has just opened up that offer a more savoury choice of breakfasts. Until then I am going to have to cook for myself and I am hoping to get some baking done, which could potentially be featuring as a post soon.