I have been looking forward to the release of “The Bling Ring” for a few weeks now. It may have something to do with a slight girl crush on Emma Watson. Can you blame me though? She is so pretty and has an amazing style. The film is based on the true events that occurred when a gang of teens burgled celebrities’ homes. As I said I have been looking forward to seeing the film, however when my sister and I tried to book tickets to watch it tomorrow night when it’s released, we couldn’t find any cinema that is showing it within our county! The nearest cinema to us showing it is in London, which we both found devastating news. We are on a mission to watch “The Bling Ring” and if it means we have to go to London, we had best make a day of it and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. If any of you get a chance to see the film I hope you enjoy it and I’m off now to browse the listings to see if there is anything I want to watch at my local cinema.