OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I was 16 I had an incident with a Frisbee. I was sat with my friends at the local park when someone else in the group decided to throw a Frisbee at someone behind me. It didn’t reach them. Instead it collided full speed with my eye. Since then I have been pretty nervous around people playing Frisbee, very rarely do people manage to throw it where they mean and if you are unlucky, as I was it can result in a trip to A&E even if you aren’t playing (I had to go get my eye checked after my vision went blurry, luckily it was fine, I just had a black eye for a few days!). So when my brother and sister said they were off to play Frisbee in the field I was a little hesitant at going to watch. But the opportunity to start getting the hang of my camera seemed to good to pass, so off I headed to the field with them and my camera wrapped in a bobble hat. For a while I just sat and watched, taking action shots on my camera, but then my sister had to run and change to shorts, so I had to step up and play Frisbee. It wasn’t too bad, I actually quite enjoyed myself and felt far less scared than I had done when I was sat down watching. A bit of growth there. We all ended up having a lovely evening playing Frisbee together before the sun set and we headed home.

So now if people suggest a game of Frisbee I will no longer be sat cowering away, but up and playing, as to be honest it feels a lot safer, you are not a sitting target for people with poor aim or catching skills! Sadly there aren’t any pictures of me playing Frisbee this time, (I am still very precious of my camera and wouldn’t let anyone else near it) so I will have to have another game soon to get some photographic evidence that I can play!