On Sunday it was the 30th annual duck race, a race in which hundreds of plastic yellow ducks are tossed into the local loch and they have to race from one side to another. It isn’t the most exciting race of all time, but it was on route during our bike ride so we stopped off, grabbed some Subways and watched the race, cheering on our duck. Unfortunately due to the hot weather the water level in the loch had dropped causing it to be a very slow race, this meant that a scuba diver had to get involved along with a dingy to scoot the ducks along a bit. Neither of our ducks won the race (though it wasn’t a very fair race due to several ducks being flung forward) and so we cycled on to complete our bike ride giving me a good chance to test out my new handlebars, you can catch a sneak peak of them in the photo below and soon I will upload plenty more of them I’m sure.