61eHU+ZuTCL._SL1425_This post is a little over due. I normally try and post my Album of the Month post in the middle of the month, not on the last day! This month I haven’t really listened to just one album again and again. I’ve mainly been listening to the radio in the car as I’ve been running errands. This week and next I am helping out a family friend whose Au Pair left her in the lurch, so I am busy thinking up ideas of what to do to keep her daughter entertained and what to make her for tea! This is my lame excuse for not being organised and neglecting my blog a bit lately, I vow to try and be better and upload some more posts soon. But back to the album, this album isn’t a new release but it makes me feel summery, with all the acoustical guitars and tambourines, so was fitting to all the lovely weather that we had in July (which sadly now appears to be replaced with showers) and hopefully the sun will be back in August.