My boyfriend’s family love going to country fairs and luckily I get to tag along too. The other weekend we headed off in the car to the Fenland country fair to browse the stalls, eat some burgers and drink homemade cider. This year we were able to take my boyfriend’s dog Nora with us. I’m sure I have posted lots of pictures of Nora before (my Instagram and phone are pretty much chocka with photos of her) but if you haven’t seen her before here are some of her during the terrier show she was entered in. Nora is a little Patterdale terrier, she is very well-behaved considering her age (she’s not even 18 months yet) but she will not sit still for a second, so appears to be a bit of a terror. Once my boyfriend had managed to get her into the arena she was entered into three different classes; Lakeland/Fell type bitch, Any working terrier and Any terrier under 12 inches. She didn’t have any luck in the first two classes, she was too old to be entered for the puppy classes, yet she was very young compared to her competitors in these classes, but in the third class she shone. Little Nora walked away with the first place rosette for Any terrier under 12 inches! I was very proud and my boyfriend was very happy with the result. He had done well too, seeing as he was feeling a little worse for wear after his previous night out! The next country fair we will go to won’t be till October sometime, so that gives Nora time to practice standing tall (and still!) and me time to think of what goodies I want to hunt out in the stalls (this time I found myself a rug/blanket), I am thinking maybe some nice wellie socks and some jumpers.20130827-110804.jpg