12This post won’t be as dramatic as it sounds. Though it is the beginning of an end, it is also the beginning of a whole new chapter of my life. Today I start my final year of university. As of today I am now working towards my masters degree. I could have graduated this summer, but when I applied for university I was told that doing Engineering, it made sense for me to do a straight masters. So here I am, three years completed and facing the final hurdle. Time to get serious. Not just about uni work but also about a whole other host of life questions. After studying engineering for three years I am still not sure if it is the career for me. But I need to decide soon, as I need to begin applying for grad schemes and post graduate jobs pretty sharpish. This year I am living with my two best friends from my course so hopefully the year won’t be all work and we will get a chance to have some fun too. We are currently in the process of trying to get our house in order and functioning in a way that suits us.  Once it is finished I am excited to share some photos of how it has turned out with you.

The photo is from the last time I was facing a big change in my life. Here we are having just finished our time at sixth form, getting ready to move on to University and other things (to help you out I am the second in from the left in the bottom row, I had blonde hair back then). I can’t believe it has been over three years since this photo was taken and some of the group have already graduated and are doing other things. But now it is time for me to put my head down and focus on this last year, better get to lectures!