20130924-122031.jpgFor my new room at university I decided to take a different approach to the one I took in my previous house. My old room was very small and so optimising storage was key, having unpacked all my clothes alone I have no idea how I managed to fit it all in. This year I have a bigger room, featuring wall to wall wardrobes, something I am very excited about. Despite the extra space I still need to make sure I use it well, to make sure I get the full potential out of my room. The sketch above shows a rough plan that I have made for my room, while I wait for my loan to come in, then it is off to Ikea, John Lewis, Next Home etc to find the bits I still need. Hopefully I will be able to get the bits soon and then I will be able to share some pictures of my finished room, along with photos of how we have decorated the rest of our house. I’m looking forward to having it all finished, so me and the girls can relax and enjoy our last year of uni.