wintercoatspicEvery year I seem to find myself buying a new coat or jacket come winter time and each year I am cold. In the past I have always opted for coats that offer style rather than substance. This year I have decided to invest in a coat which I will be able to keep for more than one year. One that is both fashionable and functional. Most importantly hopefully one that is warm. I enjoy spending the cold months wrapped up in knitwear, though sometimes it would be nice to not look a dumpy ball of wool unable to move their arms properly as they have on so many layers. During my time spent browsing online for what coats are available for the winter I have come across these five, which are my favourite offerings of the moment. Now all I need to do is try each of them on to see which is the warmest and which suits me best.

  1. Check and plaid is everywhere I look this Autumn and I really love the look. This check coat from Zara would be the perfect nod to the trend without being too over the top.
  2. While I love the pastel and checked coats that are out this year, I am unsure if I would be able to pull off the trend. This textured coat from Topshop looks perfect for wrapping up in and I love the big collar.
  3. I really like the notch neck detailing of this coat from Topshop. Another grey number, which will hopefully provide plenty of versatility with outfits.
  4. I really love the shape of this coat from Zara. ย This coat also features a notch neck, but this time with leather collar detailing.
  5. Fluffy coats and jumpers are another trend which I really love this Autumn, I am dying to get my hands on one of Topshop’s fluffy jumpers, which come in a whole range of colours. This Topshop coat, with its boyfriend looks so cosy and I love the more unusual colour choice for a coat, compared to my normal palette of black, navy or grey.

I am looking forward to being wrapped up warm in a snug coat and not my normal six layers of jumpers, though if the winter does turn very cold I may have to invest in some thermals in a bid to reduce layers. Functional but not so fashionable, but at least I’ll be warm. I hope.