bloodLast week I finally registered to give blood. It is something I have been meaning to do for years but I have never got round to it. Last week I stopped making excuses, checked my eligibility, registered and booked an appointment at my next local site. My appointment was yesterday and at 2pm I headed up to where the session was being held slightly nervous but very excited. I signed in and filled out the required health check form then waited to be called by a nurse to be screened. At this point we went through my health check form, discussing where I had ticked yes (recent ear piercings, travel outside the UK and an operation when I was six) before it was signed off by another nurse. After that I had a drop of blood taken from my finger, which then throbbed for a long time, was given a pint of water and told to sit and wait till my name was called.

About this time my nerves were building when the fire alarm went off and we all had to be evacuated. So I was unable to give blood at my appointment but told to come back in an hour when they would pick the sessions back up, provided that they were allowed back in the building. At 4pm I headed back and was whisked straight through to the back of the room to donate. I was ready to donate, I really wanted to make the step to become a donor. Sadly for me my veins aren’t ready. Two nurses pumped both my arms and were still unable to find a vein that would be big enough to allow me to donate. My circulation is apparently pretty poor, I should be aware of this due to the fact that my hands are constantly cold. So yesterday I was unable to donate, despite wanting to a great deal. I have been told not to give up hope and that I can try again in the summer when the weather is warmer and as I get older my veins will hopefully get larger and therefore be suitable to provide a donation. If I had donated yesterday, a full donation would have been unlikely, uncomfortable for me and could have resulted in bruising.

I am so disappointed that I was unable to make a difference and donate. If donating is something you have been thinking about doing but have never got around to it, do it! You can make a difference and it could save someone’s life one day. It is so important that we do it. The staff are lovely and so helpful in ensuring your donation is as comfortable as possible. I am going to register to try to donate again when the weather turns warmer and hopefully my veins are a more suitable size then. To register to donate just search “give blood” and then you can either register on the website or by ringing the number, alternatively you can just click here, where I have set up a link direct to the site. If you do register to give blood I hope you have a more successful time than I did and hopefully sometime during the summer I may be able to write a post about my first donation. Have a nice weekend!