81Pvs2TW5HL._SL1500_This month I have an easy choice for my favourite album of the moment. Kings of Leon have been one of my favourite bands for years and I have been playing their new album Mechanical Bull pretty much non-stop since the beginning of the month. I wake up each morning and put it straight on to get ready to. Since I’m back at uni now I feel it will be easier for me to spend time searching for new albums and bands to listen to. Take now for instance, I had scheduled this time to go through a lecture and write up my notes in neat… Instead I am here telling you about how much I love this album. I am very good at procrastinating and looking for next month’s album seems like a good way to avoid doing uni work. Not the attitude I should be having in my fourth year. So in an effort to be good I am going to stick on Mechanical Bull and read some notes.