I have always wondered how much my handwriting actually says about my personality. So the other day when I stumbled across this online article about what our handwriting says about us, I decided that I would give it a try and see what I found out. Following the instructions I wrote out the sentence “she sells seashells by the seashore” in cursive, as pictured above. I tend to normally write in a loose form of cursive, though it doesn’t always join well, so this was no problem. Next came the analysis…

    • The first step was to look at the slant of the writing. On the whole my writing stayed pretty much upright with potentially a slight tilt to the right. Upright corresponded to me being, “…logical and practical. Guarded with emotions.” A right slant corresponds to being, “…open to the world …like to socialise with other people“. Seeing as I’m studying engineering the logical and practical analysis seems a fair judgement.
    • Next I looked at the size of my letters. I would say my writing is an average size, corresponding to being, “…well-adjusted and adaptable.
    • The closed loops (which are pretty much non-existent) on my l’s implies that I am “restricting myself in someway“. I also have very closed e’s suggesting that I, “tend to be skeptical and unswayed by emotional arguments.
    • The last section of my handwriting to look at was the s’s. My s’s are open at the bottom suggesting that I might not be “following my heart.” The example they give is that say you always wanted to be an artist and now you have a career in finance. This hits pretty close to home as just before I left for uni I had a real dilemma about whether to do art or engineering. I chose engineering, I don’t regret my decision, though I do regret letting my creative side slip a bit, which is why I’m glad I am getting into photography and starting to look into more textile and DIY projects.

    I’m not sure how accurate this analysis was but it definitely raised some interesting points for me, that I found fairly accurate. It would be interesting to see if my friends agree with the traits it threw up for me.