51oAKyEDt1L._SY450_This month I have been trying to get into a better exercise regime, involving both cardio and toning. But like many people I sometimes struggle to find the motivation. In order to keep myself motivated I have been listening a lot more to R&B and hip-hop as I find them great options for in the gym. My favourite artist to listen to at the moment for this is Iggy Azalea, I have loved her music ever since my friend introduced her to me back in January during my stay in France. Iggy’s music has not only got me through many gym sessions but also two exam periods to date and she has an amazing body, which provides a source of motivation to get myself to the gym. My favourite song of hers currently, is her latest track Change Your Life featuring T.I., though I have also been playing her entire album Ignorant Art pretty loudly throughout the house. Next week I am intending to share with you a post about what I am currently doing to keep fit, until then I hope you all have a good weekend!