victoria secretDuring my Album of the Month post last week I mentioned that I planned to share with you what I am currently doing to keep myself fit and active. Last week the Victoria Secret fashion show took place and since then there have been hundreds of photographs appearing everywhere, such as the photograph above which is from Vogue (clicking on the photograph will take you directly to the rest of the article and the gallery). Seeing all these pictures of these confident, strong women with their amazing bodies really helped to get me motivated this week and prevented me slacking off from exercise. Now I am not a crazy gym bunny, nothing like that, in fact I find it very hard to motivate myself most times and so rarely go to the gym alone. When I am in the gym though I am currently focusing more on strength and muscle toning and spend around 40 minutes doing a variety of legs, abs and arms weighted exercises, following a 20 minute cardio warm up. I am currently trying to go to the gym and do this twice a week and I prefer to go in the morning and get it over with!

Along with going to the gym, I attend a half an hour spin class every Wednesday morning at 7:30 (ouch!) and an Aerobics and Body Conditioning (more toning) on a Saturday morning. I really love attending these classes as they are much more fun than just going to the gym I find, plus a 30 minute spin goes so quickly it doesn’t feel like you are going to die when you step off the machine, just as if you have done a really good workout first thing and are ready to face the day. Recently I haven’t managed to fit a swim in during the week, but I am hoping to get back into going for a swim, if only for half an hour at a time and hopefully when the weather picks up a bit I will get back to surfing some more!

This hasn’t been an insanely detailed break down of my fitness regime but then my routine isn’t that insane and I don’t follow a special diet alongside it. I eat what I want and if that happens to be a day of rubbish food and lots of chocolate then the next day I make sure I go to the gym, but I hate the idea of having to pass up on a burger at work as it has too many calories! I hope you have found this an interesting read and if I come across any great new fun ways to keep fit I will be sure to share them with you!