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20131228-101444.jpgIn just a few short days the new year will be starting, 2014. With this year coming to an end I have been looking back over 2013 and thinking about what I have achieved through out the year. 2013 is the year that I stated my blog, back in January and though in many ways it is still very rough around the edges I am pleased with the progression through the year and your kind comments have been greatly appreciated. This year also marks the start of my final year of university. A huge chapter of my life is coming to an end but I am trying to ensure I make the most out of it and spend lots of time with friends before we head to different parts of the world, which will make popping round for a cuppa pretty impossible. So 2013 has marked the beginning and the end of significant chapters of my life and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. Whatever you are doing to celebrate the New Year I hope you have a good one and I will see you in January. Happy New Year!


20131229-185305.jpgThis Christmas period has been pretty hectic, I spent Christmas Day with my mum and siblings before spending the evening with my boyfriend’s family. On Boxing Day we headed to spend the day with my grandparents, returning on the 27th for me to go to work. Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my dad and his family and then this morning I had a very early start to catch a 7am flight to Amsterdam

For next few days I am here in Amsterdam for the New Year with my boyfriend and his friends. I am sure the next few days are going to be just as hectic as we try to cram in as many tourist attractions as we can. I am looking forward going to taking lots of photos. This one I snapped on my phone on the way to the apartment. Now I am off to get ready to head out again tonight, take care!

20131225-141227.jpgI want to wish you all a merry Christmas, I hope you are having a lovely day. I am currently in the process of cooking lunch with my mum for the four of us, which is quite the operation. After lunch I plan to settle down in front of the TV before heading round to visit my boyfriend and his family this evening. Have a lovely day and I will post soon!

MichaelKiwanukaHomeAgain600G070312I must apologize for abandoning my blog for what seems like forever. I had so many blog posts planned for December but no time to write and publish them. The end of term was manic, with university deadlines, Christmas parties, extra shifts at work and packing to come home, it finished with me having to jump-start my car on my own in the rain. I had never jump-started a car before and doing it on my own in the stress of trying to leave to come home was not a fun situation to learn in. But I managed to get the car going and make it home safely through the rain and motorway rush hours and now I vow to try to make up for abandoning my blog by being more organised and getting some posts sorted ahead of time. This month through out the madness I have been turning to this artist, Michael Kiwanuka to calm me down enough to not lose my head and get everything done. He has such a lovely voice and plays his instruments so beautifully, I hope you enjoy him as much as I do, though fingers crossed you aren’t as stressed out as I am!