MichaelKiwanukaHomeAgain600G070312I must apologize for abandoning my blog for what seems like forever. I had so many blog posts planned for December but no time to write and publish them. The end of term was manic, with university deadlines, Christmas parties, extra shifts at work and packing to come home, it finished with me having to jump-start my car on my own in the rain. I had never jump-started a car before and doing it on my own in the stress of trying to leave to come home was not a fun situation to learn in. But I managed to get the car going and make it home safely through the rain and motorway rush hours and now I vow to try to make up for abandoning my blog by being more organised and getting some posts sorted ahead of time. This month through out the madness I have been turning to this artist, Michael Kiwanuka to calm me down enough to not lose my head and get everything done. He has such a lovely voice and plays his instruments so beautifully, I hope you enjoy him as much as I do, though fingers crossed you aren’t as stressed out as I am!