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One of the main items I was hoping to purchase in London that I was unable to was some new running trainers. Over exams my housemate bought some new Nike Free trainers and I was so jealous. She told me excitedly about how great her run had been, how she had felt no pain and like she was running barefoot. The fatal moment was when she let me try them on. There was no way I was going back to running in my old trainers, I was going to treat myself to some new ones too. I like to think of it as an investment into my goal of having a Victoria Secret model body and sticking them on my credit card means I don’t have to worry about the cost for a little while. I had planned to buy them in Nike Town on Oxford Street but sadly they were all out of stock, so I came home went online and a few days later they arrived, a pair of Nike Free 5.0+ in black. That afternoon I pulled on my running gear, plugged in my music, switched off all thoughts of work and ran. Ellie hadn’t over-exaggerated; I truly had a great run. It may not have been my quickest or longest run (until then I hadn’t run since before Christmas!) but it was the most comfortable by far. I am so pleased with them and I can’t wait to go back out in them later today.

PS You could see I was excited by my Nikes given the Instagram I posted as soon as I got home from my run, which you can see at the bottom of the page.


photo 1
After my exams finished I decided to treat myself to a little retail therapy, both in London and online. I have been re-watching Sex and the City recently and think I am subconsciously trying to channel Carrie Bradshaw given some of my recent purchases. I bought a cameo patterned mid-length skirt and some pointy skinny heels from ASOS, which I love though I am unsure if I can pull them off. I think they seem too grown up, despite being nearly 22 and only having five months left as a university student! One of my favourite purchases from London was a black top (I told you I had a thing for black tops!), which is photographed above. It features a faux leather panel and mesh detailing, I can’t wait to wear it, though haven’t yet had an excuse to! There are also a few items that I wanted to buy in London that sadly the stores didn’t have in my size whilst we were there so I am going to order them this week and will be sure to share them with you when they arrive.


{Topshop Premium Faux Leather Panel Tee}


{ASOS no longer stock this skirt, but this is similar in style}



{ASOS Stateside Pointed Heels}

20140128-194557.jpgYesterday marked the one year anniversary since I first started my blog. I am impressed with myself that I am still maintaining my blog, although there are still areas of my blog and blogging style that I want to work on. So I have written myself a list of goals for my blog that I hope to achieve before my blog turns two. This post was a little delayed, due to many baking hiccups that occurred. The original recipe planned called for raspberrys, Sainsburys were all out; Victoria sponge it was. Except I either used the last of my vanilla essence or have missed placed it, so a very plain cake instead. The circular cake tin was broken so it became a plain Victoria loaf. In a bid to make the cake aesthetically pleasing I was going to pipe buttercream roses all over the loaf; my piping bag has taken a trip somewhere without letting me know, so pink buttercream thickly spread all over was the decoration of choice. Not to plan at all. But nothing home-made jam can’t save and paired with a cup of tea the perfect accompaniment to reflections of the last year. So while my blogging and baking are still a little rough around the edges I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog so far and continue to do so to see it (hopefully) improve over the next year.

20140124-010837.jpg{Celebrating the end of exams with a glass of champagne.}

Yesterday I finished my exams. All week I had frantically been revising, with my brain pleading me for no more formulae, something I sadly couldn’t avoid. Now they’re finished it feels odd waking up and not having to rush off to the library. The days are mine again, until Semester 2 starts on Monday, not much of a break I know. In celebration this morning my housemate and I are off out for breakfast before heading to London for a little splurge and to see one of my best friends from home. Whatever you have planned for this weekend I hope you have a good one.

20140124-010723.jpg{Now I’m not reading notes I can catch up on magazines.}

20140124-010802.jpg{After a day at the library my friend surprised us with doughnuts.}

20140124-010733.jpg{After a long week a small Baileys night cap was in order.}


{Tickets printed and ready to set off to London.}

PS. This post was meant to be published yesterday but I was unable to get hold of any internet to complete the post until this morning, so apologies for it being late!