vancejoyI’ve only been back at uni a week and a half but it seems like an age. The two week exam period is just getting into full swing and due to my heavy course load I have spent everyday in the library since the 5th. I’m even writing this post from the library on my lunch break, there’s no escaping this place. This month’s album forms my revision playlist, essentially when I’m revising I just listen to the same album on repeat. I heard Vance Joy’s “Riptide” on the radio over Christmas, loved his voice and so went in search of more of his music and found this EP, “God Loves When You’re Dancing”. Sadly I can’t dance along in the library and those who follow my twitter will see I’m struggling not to sing along at the top of my voice to the entire EP, but hopefully dancing in my head is pleasing enough. I highly recommend downloading this album, it has helped keep me sane and happy so far this exam period and I’m sure it will continue to do so. Now I’m off to go tackle some more revision whilst listening to “Playing With Fire” and good luck to those of you that also have exams, it will be over soon!