20140117-201736.jpg{My jewellery that I bought in & other stories sale arrived.}

This week has felt like an age, with every day spent in the library there is little to use to decipher between them. So this week I decided to take a photo of all the little things that have kept me going this week and made it a little more bearable. Yesterday was my first exam and marked a week until I finish the January exam period (only four more to go) and with exciting things planned for the weekend after I finish I am excited to push through this next week.

20140117-201717.jpg{Library outfit: Cosy new knit and rose gold jewellery from & other stories, with fish braid.}

20140117-201725.jpg{Lush face mask in attempt to keep my face under control during exam stress.}

20140117-201743.jpg{Old school arcade game at my work that I am dying to play on a quiet shift.}

20140117-201755.jpg(My nails this week are pale purple with a matte topcoat, to go with my birthday ring.}