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Around Wednesday our cake supply began wearing thin… Having returned home last week with birthday cupcakes to be presented with another birthday cake baked by Ellie (it was an Earl Grey cake one of my favourites!) I thought by now I’d have tired of sweet things. Oh no. In a bid to keep my new-found uni work motivation going (fuelled by sugar and caffeine) I reached to what was a favourite in my old house; Hummingbird’s frosted brownies. If you are going to give in to your sugar cravings you may as well jump right on in. Now, I am a little fussy with brownies, I like them chewy rather than cakey and so I go against the frosted brownie recipe given in hummingbird’s book. Instead I opt for their traditional brownie, which I then slather in their chocolate cream cheese frosting, which is given with the frosted brownie recipe. Very bad for you but very tasty. I’m going to have to try to show some restraint today and not eat the whole batch, else I won’t fit in my dress for tonight.



This Friday my housemate and I are being taken out for dinner with our friends. The dinner happens every year, put on by the defences and begins as a formal affair. There is a strict dress code for dinner, dresses must be below the knee and shoulders must be covered. Hair must also be kept off the shoulders and here is where my dilemma starts. What to do for an up-do? I very rarely wear my hair up in any styled form unless it is a messy bun or pony tail, but this year I decided to try out something new. Below are links to some of the up-dos that have caught my eye whilst I have been looking around. I feel they hit the balance between looking impressive and requiring a skill level that I may be able to match!

  1. A simple hairband twist
  2. A messy French twist.
  3. A twisted up-do.
  4. A messy ponytail.
  5. Another take on the messy French twist.

I’m not sure which look I will end up using though I am currently leaning towards number 2, although I like the idea of using a headband as a way to accessorize my outfit as in number 1 but I will try to get some photos of the final look I go for on Friday.

Today is my birthday, though it doesn’t really feel like it. As you grow up I feel birthdays get less exciting, especially when you have uni/work to do. Today I haven’t really celebrated my birthday, I have had some birthday cupcakes but have spent most of the day waiting for my car to get out of the garage so I can head back to university. Tonight I am planning to celebrate with some drinks at the pub where I work, I’m only planning a quiet one but we will see what happens!

This weekend I am back at home for a fairly busy weekend. Today is not only Valentine’s day but also my boyfriend’s birthday, tomorrow my dad is having his 50th birthday party and Sunday I hope to spend the day with family before my birthday on Monday. When it came to packing on Thursday night I noticed a theme with the outfits I had planned; each revolved around a white top.

Valentine’s day: Today we went to Ping Pong in London for dim sum and cocktails, it was a casual day so I wore a white lace cami from Topshop and my ribbed black leggings, topped off with several layers to protect from the stormy weather!

My Dad’s 50th birthday party: I love this blouse I bought from Topshop last year but very rarely get round to wearing it. This weekend I am pairing it with skinny black jeans and heels for a hopefully sophisticated look.

Sunday: Having spent Friday and Saturday out and about, I am looking forward to enjoying a lazy Sunday in a casual Zara white long sleeve top paired with leggings.

I hope however you are spending your Valentine’s day/weekend you have a wonderful one with loved ones.