Last week was busy. Despite having fewer modules this semester I don’t feel as though my work load or timetable has reduced, with one thing in particular taking up a lot of time. My group design project. This is the equivalent to my second dissertation (I completed my individual one last year, as seen here) but is undertaken as a group. Last week we were testing our rough model in the university’s wind tunnel. Our project is on a wing-in-ground effect vehicle and so we were concentrating on calculating the aerodynamic forces it produced in order for us to refine our design and begin implementing the control surfaces, motors and so on. Wind tunnel testing is made out to be a glamorous exciting experience and I’m sure some people still feel that way after conducting experiments. I find them a bit too repetitive and spending 8am to 4pm testing for two days was nearly more than I could take. However we made it through and somehow I managed to attend all my lectures and juggle some very stressful shifts at work on the side. This week I am heading home on Thursday so I can spend my boyfriend’s birthday with him (he is born on Valentine’s day) but before I leave there is still studying, more shifts at the pub and hopefully some blog posts to complete.

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