This month I have turned nostalgic for my teens. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m turning a year older soon or the realization that soon I will be finishing university but for some reason I keep looking back. When I was growing up there was a club in my home town that put on gig nights for the 16+’s and my friends and I started going when we turned 14 (we were all very tall). Over the years I saw so many bands there, both small local bands just starting out, to bigger names (one of my favourite gigs was the Dirty Pretty Things). I love thinking back to us all getting ready, trying on different outfits, dancing round each others rooms, sneakily drinking whiskey before we left (this didn’t happen when we were 14) and then being in the tiny room that was the club. It was normally packed and filled with smoke (this was pre-smoking ban) but we didn’t mind. We would dance the whole night to our Indie-Rock. I went to see The Rifles play with one of my best friend’s and listening to this album brings a smile to my face every time I listen to it, which is also true if I listen to any of the other albums I heard played live in that little room. Sadly the club has now shut, though there are others similar in nearby towns but they wouldn’t be the same. I feel very lucky that my friends and I had the chance to spend our Friday nights dancing to our favourite music and gossiping over hot band members, rather than being stuck indoors. Now I’m off to turn up The Rifles, have a dance and try to arrange a trip to go see the girl who introduced me to the club way back when.