This Friday my housemate and I are being taken out for dinner with our friends. The dinner happens every year, put on by the defences and begins as a formal affair. There is a strict dress code for dinner, dresses must be below the knee and shoulders must be covered. Hair must also be kept off the shoulders and here is where my dilemma starts. What to do for an up-do? I very rarely wear my hair up in any styled form unless it is a messy bun or pony tail, but this year I decided to try out something new. Below are links to some of the up-dos that have caught my eye whilst I have been looking around. I feel they hit the balance between looking impressive and requiring a skill level that I may be able to match!

  1. A simple hairband twist
  2. A messy French twist.
  3. A twisted up-do.
  4. A messy ponytail.
  5. Another take on the messy French twist.

I’m not sure which look I will end up using though I am currently leaning towards number 2, although I like the idea of using a headband as a way to accessorize my outfit as in number 1 but I will try to get some photos of the final look I go for on Friday.