Around Wednesday our cake supply began wearing thin… Having returned home last week with birthday cupcakes to be presented with another birthday cake baked by Ellie (it was an Earl Grey cake one of my favourites!) I thought by now I’d have tired of sweet things. Oh no. In a bid to keep my new-found uni work motivation going (fuelled by sugar and caffeine) I reached to what was a favourite in my old house; Hummingbird’s frosted brownies. If you are going to give in to your sugar cravings you may as well jump right on in. Now, I am a little fussy with brownies, I like them chewy rather than cakey and so I go against the frosted brownie recipe given in hummingbird’s book. Instead I opt for their traditional brownie, which I then slather in their chocolate cream cheese frosting, which is given with the frosted brownie recipe. Very bad for you but very tasty. I’m going to have to try to show some restraint today and not eat the whole batch, else I won’t fit in my dress for tonight.