Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m sorry for the late post but I have been busy baking today, making a chocolate Guinness cake to be precise with Baileys cream cheese icing to be precise. Lots of Irish booze for the holiday when no other drinks are acceptable. I followed Nigella Lawson’s recipe for the cake (found here) but when it came to the icing I opted for Baileys instead of cream on a whim. I only added 60ml of Baileys but it needed a lot of icing sugar to compensate (a whole bag!) so I would recommend seeing what recipes are out there to follow, such as this one, instead of winging it as I did. This cake is insanely rich and dense, the Guinness adds a nice hint of bitterness and I could eat the icing by the spoonful. If you have no other plans for celebrating St Patrick’s may I suggest you knock up this cake and enjoy with a cup of tea, which is precisely my plan for this evening accompanied with a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, I’m only on series 2 but completely hooked.