Brows are big at the minute. Cara Delevingne has led a huge brow movement, with everyone wanting thicker, more defined brows. Before my recent trip to the local Benefit counter I had been using a standard eyebrow pencil to define my brows, there is nothing wrong with using a pencil and if I am in a bit of a rush I will still reach for a pencil to quickly fill in any gaps. But at the counter I was introduced to Benefit’s Browzings, their brow shaping kit. It includes a coloured wax and a powder which work together to add definition without looking too drawn on. I firstly apply the coloured wax using the hard angled brush before using the blending brush to apply the powder on top till I reach a colour I am happy with.

For days when I am just at uni and haven’t got much planned I will sometimes leave my brows here. Some days I want more. I had read about Benefit’s Gimme Brow a couple of weeks before it was due to release and the day after it was released there I was at the counter ready for more brow. Browzings adds more definition and Gimme Brow adds dimension, it contains little fibres that cling to your eyebrow hairs no matter how small. Using the little mascara brush I gently brush over my defined brows to add some more dimension until I achieve the power brow I have always dreamed of. Next it is time for eyes.