Once my face and eyebrows are done the next stage is to bring my eyes to life. Working part-time at pub results in late finishes, which often ensures that I wake up each morning looking like a shrew. In order to coax my eyes back to a normal size and state of alertness I start by using Rimmel’s Soft Kohl in white to line the bottom rim of my eyes. The white helps to brighten my eyes and make me look less like someone who is still tired from standing on her feet all night. To give the illusion of thicker lashes I then use Rimmel’s Soft Kohl in brown to line the top rim of my eyes (if I am off out I will switch the brown for a black waterproof number).

To open up my eyes fully I gently curl my top lashes before applying No. 7’s Exceptional Definition mascara. I opt for Brown/Black mascara for in the day as I find it gives a more natural look. I tend to apply more mascara at the corners to try to create a slight flick to widen them and only give my bottom lashes a very light coating. As with the liner if I am off out or have something special planned I will switch the brown for a black mascara, such as No. 7’s Extravagant Volume, and if I have plenty of time on my hands will add a slick of liquid eyeliner across my top lash-line. Now I am looking like the person that I am happy for the world to see, there is just one final thing before I leave the house…