Face, check. Eyebrows, check. Eyes, check. Before I leave all that is left to do is quickly tend to my lips. Due to the miserable weather we seem to constantly have in England (though this seems to have taken a break currently!) my lips can often dry out if I neglect them. In order to make sure they are lipstick ready if the mood strikes I gently exfoliate away any dead skin using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub, which tastes just like a fresh batch of buttery popcorn when you lick any excess off your lips/face. Yum. Finally I swipe across Cherry Carmex which I then keep in my bag to ensure that my lips stay soft throughout the day. That’s it, all the products that I use to achieve my “day” make-up look. I find it funny how it takes me so many products to achieve a natural look. Next week I will share with you pictures of me at the different stages of applying them. Have a good weekend!