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Face, check. Eyebrows, check. Eyes, check. Before I leave all that is left to do is quickly tend to my lips. Due to the miserable weather we seem to constantly have in England (though this seems to have taken a break currently!) my lips can often dry out if I neglect them. In order to make sure they are lipstick ready if the mood strikes I gently exfoliate away any dead skin using Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub, which tastes just like a fresh batch of buttery popcorn when you lick any excess off your lips/face. Yum. Finally I swipe across Cherry Carmex which I then keep in my bag to ensure that my lips stay soft throughout the day. That’s it, all the products that I use to achieve my “day” make-up look. I find it funny how it takes me so many products to achieve a natural look. Next week I will share with you pictures of me at the different stages of applying them. Have a good weekend!



Once my face and eyebrows are done the next stage is to bring my eyes to life. Working part-time at pub results in late finishes, which often ensures that I wake up each morning looking like a shrew. In order to coax my eyes back to a normal size and state of alertness I start by using Rimmel’s Soft Kohl in white to line the bottom rim of my eyes. The white helps to brighten my eyes and make me look less like someone who is still tired from standing on her feet all night. To give the illusion of thicker lashes I then use Rimmel’s Soft Kohl in brown to line the top rim of my eyes (if I am off out I will switch the brown for a black waterproof number).

To open up my eyes fully I gently curl my top lashes before applying No. 7’s Exceptional Definition mascara. I opt for Brown/Black mascara for in the day as I find it gives a more natural look. I tend to apply more mascara at the corners to try to create a slight flick to widen them and only give my bottom lashes a very light coating. As with the liner if I am off out or have something special planned I will switch the brown for a black mascara, such as No. 7’s Extravagant Volume, and if I have plenty of time on my hands will add a slick of liquid eyeliner across my top lash-line. Now I am looking like the person that I am happy for the world to see, there is just one final thing before I leave the house…


Brows are big at the minute. Cara Delevingne has led a huge brow movement, with everyone wanting thicker, more defined brows. Before my recent trip to the local Benefit counter I had been using a standard eyebrow pencil to define my brows, there is nothing wrong with using a pencil and if I am in a bit of a rush I will still reach for a pencil to quickly fill in any gaps. But at the counter I was introduced to Benefit’s Browzings, their brow shaping kit. It includes a coloured wax and a powder which work together to add definition without looking too drawn on. I firstly apply the coloured wax using the hard angled brush before using the blending brush to apply the powder on top till I reach a colour I am happy with.

For days when I am just at uni and haven’t got much planned I will sometimes leave my brows here. Some days I want more. I had read about Benefit’s Gimme Brow a couple of weeks before it was due to release and the day after it was released there I was at the counter ready for more brow. Browzings adds more definition and Gimme Brow adds dimension, it contains little fibres that cling to your eyebrow hairs no matter how small. Using the little mascara brush I gently brush over my defined brows to add some more dimension until I achieve the power brow I have always dreamed of. Next it is time for eyes.


Before I begin my make-up I firstly cleanse, tone and moisturise my face. Next I apply my concealer, despite being 22 I still suffer from the occasional break out due to stress and from where I am a terribly impatient person my chin is a little scared from my picking of spots that were not quite ready. To cover my spots and scars I apply Maybelline’s SuperStay Better Skin concealer, dabbing in with my foundation brush. Over my concealer I apply one of my new purchases; Benefit’s Hello Flawless Foundation. For my look I like a perfect match foundation with light to medium coverage (depending on how stressed I am) and opt for liquid foundation due to my dry-combination skin, powder makes my face feel far too tight.

Recently I have been trying my hand at basic contouring, I start by using a second concealer, No. 7’s Instant Radiance Concealer, this is slightly more yellow so works well at reducing the redness of the spots that appear in my T-zone. I apply it across the tops of my cheekbones, below my brow bone, the corners of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and a small amount on my chin. Following this I use Benefit’s High Beam, complexion enhancer to create a more dewy look. Again I apply it across my cheekbones, bridge of nose and chin but take it above my brow bone rather than under.

To complete my contouring and the basis of my make-up I use Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer underneath my cheekbones, and light across my brow and nose. Once I am happy with my face I then move on to what I consider to be the most important part of my look and certainly what takes the longest to perfect… my eyebrows.