20140709-150347-54227657.jpgMoving back home I was worried I was going to struggle to stay motivated to get fit without my gym membership and weekly spin class. My boyfriend has been keen for a while now to get me doing more strength building exercises and so we outlined some goals for me to try to achieve by the end of the summer:

  • Be able to bench press my own body weight.
  • Be able to climb up and down a 5m rope.
  • Complete the 30 day squat challenge with an additional 4kg weight.
  • Go on regular runs.

I am just beginning my second week of training and am trying to form a strict schedule to follow when doing my weights, outlining different exercises withย a set number of repetitions and sets. I am hoping that having a strict schedule will ensure I manage to complete my goals by the end of August, even if I only manage a single bench press of my own body weight I will consider it a success!