I am a twenty-something student, currently in my final year of University. The blog, Seventeen.Two isn’t about any subject in particular. I decided to finally start writing a blog after visiting my friend in France who told me to take the plunge. After reading hers for the time she was in France I realised it was a great way to connect with people. My blog allows me to share different aspects of my life, such as recipes I’m trying, places I’m visiting or what music I’m listening too. It is still rather rough around the edges but I hope you all still enjoy reading it.

Please feel free to get in contact, I would love to hear your thoughts, through comments on the blog or you can send me an email to: seventeentwoblog@gmail.com, I am also on Twitter and Instagram: @conniemoseley92 (both use the same name and can be found in the footers). So please have a look around and I will be speaking to you soon! Connie x