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Last Wednesday I announced that I was giving up shopping for both clothes and make-up (see the post here). Luckily I have only just replaced all my make-up with all brand new products to update my look. Over the next week I plan to share with you the products I use for the different elements of my face and depending on how brave I am feeling I may share images of me applying my look in the final week of March. For now here is a glimpse into the variety of products I keep in my make-up bag that I reach for almost every day. This make-up is what I use to achieve my “every day” look, there are also many lipsticks and eyeshadows in my bag that I use to spruce up my look and transition me into a night-time look but they aren’t included here.



Today marks the beginning of lent. Last year I decided to give up fizzy drinks for lunch since my consumption of them averaged at least a can a day. It was a tough forty days where I realised how addicted to them I was, for the first week I suffered from caffeine withdrawal symptoms, the headaches were awful! Sadly since lent last year has ended I have gone back to enjoying fizzy drinks freely although can now go some days without them. Despite them definitely being a habit I need to ultimately kick, this year I have decided to target my main addiction. Shopping. Until Easter I am limiting myself to only buying the essentials, food, toiletries etc. So it is goodbye to Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and all the other stores I frequent with my dwindling bank balance. I am not even going to allow myself to buy any new make up (I have a habit of picking up a nail polish or two every time I enter Boots), which shouldn’t be too bad since I recently replaced all my make up, it all ran out at once! This is going to be a tough month but hopefully if I take it a day at a time, ignoring all the emails I receive from shops (it ranges from four to about ten a day depending on the promotions), I will make it through the month and save myself some money. I think I will also spend this month going through my wardrobe and getting rid of items that I really don’t need anymore either by selling them or donating them. Whatever you have decided to give up for lent, good luck!

Today is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. Today marks the last day before Lent begins and I will spend it eating as many pancakes as I can, with a variety of toppings. This morning we kept things simple by making up a batch of basic pancake batter as instructed by Delia Smith (recipe here) and served with sugar and lemons. It was a great start to the day and a nice change from my normal porridge. I’m sure I will have more sugar and lemon pancakes in the day but I am also looking forward to having some with fruit and chocolate spread as a pudding this evening. Happy Shrove Tuesday!