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My exams and degree are finally over. University, particularly this final year, has been one of the hardest things I have ever undertaken. Now it is all over I find myself a little lost as to what to do with my time. Currently I am planning to spend a lot of it seeing friends, getting back into blogging and getting Seventeen.Two up to scratch. On Sunday in order to celebrate finishing university Ellie and I did some boozy baking. All our friends our massive gin fans, so a gin and tonic cake was the obvious baking choice. There are several recipes online but we used this one as we loved how much citrus it used, I like lots of lime in my G&Ts, which we topped off with a gin glaze and gin icing, the recipes of which are here. After reading the posts we were a little nervous about using too much gin so used a tablespoon less in the cake (which we replaced with tonic) and slightly less in the syrup, though on tasting the cake we felt it could definitely handle the full amount (maybe we are just hardened gin fans). Either way we were left with a lovely cake full of citrus flavours with a hint of gin, which is perfect paired with a cup of tea or perhaps an afternoon G&T…



Monday morning is my most productive morning of the week. I start the day with a half hour spin before heading to the gym to do some toning exercises. Having finished at the gym Ellie and I do our food shop for the week and are still home by 9am most weeks. This week in the middle of Sainsburys we decided we fancied cake for the week. This lemon and poppy-seed loaf follows this GoodFood recipe but we added a lemon syrup before the icing to ensure a strong lemon flavour.

90ml lemon juice
100g caster sugar

Heat the lemon juice and caster sugar in a saucepan over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. While your loaf is still warm make lots of holes in the top using a cocktail stick or skewer, then pour over your lemon syrup. You can either ice your cake straight away if you want more of a drizzle effect but we let ours cool first to have a nice thick layer on top.

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m sorry for the late post but I have been busy baking today, making a chocolate Guinness cake to be precise with Baileys cream cheese icing to be precise. Lots of Irish booze for the holiday when no other drinks are acceptable. I followed Nigella Lawson’s recipe for the cake (found here) but when it came to the icing I opted for Baileys instead of cream on a whim. I only added 60ml of Baileys but it needed a lot of icing sugar to compensate (a whole bag!) so I would recommend seeing what recipes are out there to follow, such as this one, instead of winging it as I did. This cake is insanely rich and dense, the Guinness adds a nice hint of bitterness and I could eat the icing by the spoonful. If you have no other plans for celebrating St Patrick’s may I suggest you knock up this cake and enjoy with a cup of tea, which is precisely my plan for this evening accompanied with a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad, I’m only on series 2 but completely hooked.


After the Christmas holidays Ellie returned to university armed with a portion of her dad’s turkey pie filling. Last week we finally got round to making it. We went for a simple/lazy option of pre-bought puff pastry which we rolled out as lid before decorating with the scraps. We popped the filling in our pie dish, sat Ellie’s Le Creuset pie bird on top and sealed with the lid. Half an hour later, accompanied by cauliflower mash and mange tout the pie was ready. Sadly I don’t have a recipe for the filling to share but I’m sure a Google search can find you one, I really wanted to share our handiwork with you.