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I don’t normally choose pointed-toe shoes but these past two weeks I’ve found myself buying three pairs:

A simple black pair, believe it or not I didn’t own any black flats, despite the majority of my wardrobe being black!

A bright blue pair that I found in the summer sales, bought with my new job in mind.

Finally a pair of lemon yellow sling-backs, specifically for my graduation last Wednesday.






Today marks the beginning of lent. Last year I decided to give up fizzy drinks for lunch since my consumption of them averaged at least a can a day. It was a tough forty days where I realised how addicted to them I was, for the first week I suffered from caffeine withdrawal symptoms, the headaches were awful! Sadly since lent last year has ended I have gone back to enjoying fizzy drinks freely although can now go some days without them. Despite them definitely being a habit I need to ultimately kick, this year I have decided to target my main addiction. Shopping. Until Easter I am limiting myself to only buying the essentials, food, toiletries etc. So it is goodbye to Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and all the other stores I frequent with my dwindling bank balance. I am not even going to allow myself to buy any new make up (I have a habit of picking up a nail polish or two every time I enter Boots), which shouldn’t be too bad since I recently replaced all my make up, it all ran out at once! This is going to be a tough month but hopefully if I take it a day at a time, ignoring all the emails I receive from shops (it ranges from four to about ten a day depending on the promotions), I will make it through the month and save myself some money. I think I will also spend this month going through my wardrobe and getting rid of items that I really don’t need anymore either by selling them or donating them. Whatever you have decided to give up for lent, good luck!

This weekend I am back at home for a fairly busy weekend. Today is not only Valentine’s day but also my boyfriend’s birthday, tomorrow my dad is having his 50th birthday party and Sunday I hope to spend the day with family before my birthday on Monday. When it came to packing on Thursday night I noticed a theme with the outfits I had planned; each revolved around a white top.

Valentine’s day: Today we went to Ping Pong in London for dim sum and cocktails, it was a casual day so I wore a white lace cami from Topshop and my ribbed black leggings, topped off with several layers to protect from the stormy weather!

My Dad’s 50th birthday party: I love this blouse I bought from Topshop last year but very rarely get round to wearing it. This weekend I am pairing it with skinny black jeans and heels for a hopefully sophisticated look.

Sunday: Having spent Friday and Saturday out and about, I am looking forward to enjoying a lazy Sunday in a casual Zara white long sleeve top paired with leggings.

I hope however you are spending your Valentine’s day/weekend you have a wonderful one with loved ones.

Next Monday marks my 22nd birthday, so recently my family have been asking for gift ideas. There is not too much I really want right now/I have bought a lot of new things recently, but I have put together a few ideas to pass around them.

1. Scented candles ~ I love burning scented candles yet have never owned a Diptyque candle before. My favourite blogger Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere raves about them, especially this scent, so it would be nice to try one out. They are a little more than what I would normally spend on a candle which makes them a good addition to a wish list.

2. Denim jacket ~ I have wanted a lined denim jacket for a while now and fell in love with this one from Topshop when I first saw. It continues my love affair with black clothing, has borg lining and would fill the black jacket/coat shaped gap in my wardrobe.

3. Chelsea boots ~ Chelsea boots have featured on many of my past wish lists yet I still haven’t purchased a pair. Since I find myself drawn to them each year and their wearability with any outfit I want to invest in a good pair. I found this pair from Russell and Bromley which I love but on the email to my Dad I am also going to include some other options for him to choose from depending on his budget.

4. Initial stacking ring set ~ I really love personalised items and these cute stacking rings from Etsy, would make a nice addition to my steadily growing ring collection.

5. Dark Red Lipstick ~ This lipstick was originally included on my Christmas list that I gave my family although I had somehow mixed up the name! I had been hunting for a dark red lipstick whilst shopping with my friend and Barry M’s Cranberry Red was my favourite shade I found. Sadly, it wasn’t in stock during my hunt and I haven’t seen it in stock since, hence it’s still on the list.